Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Politician's Logic

"If you do not do what you have to do, you will never be able to do what you want to do"
Unfortunately, our Politicians don't seem to understand this and I think they suffer from something called a "Politician's Logic" which is deep-rooted in their ideologies. Our political class, till few years back were sold over to the ideology that all our economic ills and poverty, were due to the unchecked population growth and suddenly Family Planning(FP) became the core program under public health services, without paying any attention to strengthening the infrastructure. (NRHM has tried to change this perception. See a detailed information about it, in my other post, here)

This is one of the reason why 'Keynesianism' was popular with political class with it's "Do-something" approach, the Cognitive and Decision making biases that human beings have. Indian political class was no exception and have always focussed mainly on the symptoms, rather than the root causes, while formulating any public policy. Ayn Rand had identified in her book Atlas Shrugged, that the root cause behind any evil is the ‘Irrationality’, which though, has been accepted as an ‘obvious’ statement at a ‘theoretical’ level, but I think it is not well internalized by people at an ‘applied’ level. 

Hence there is a need to work towards "Rational Thinking". 

Sir Arnold & Sir Humphrey (fictional characters), in the very famous BBC Situational Comedy Show "Yes Prime Minister" describes this perfectly, 
"Something must be done; this is something; therefore we must do it.”

P.S: Yes Minister is a satirical British sitcom, which shows relationship of Civil Servants and the political class. Since civil services in India has its roots in the British format, ou could relate to many things in the serial and its extremely funny. You can watch sometimes to refresh yourself ! :)  

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  1. this is a traditional debate in human behaviour :)


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