Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kaveri/Cauvery River

Important points about Kaveri/Cauvery River as it flows through the Deccan Plateau from the Western to the Eastern part of Peninsular India.

  1. -----------------Karnataka State --------------
  2. Talakaveri, Brahmagiri mountain in Kodagu - Source in western ghat in Karnataka
    • Kaveri river originates from here 
    • Here river Kanaka river joins Kaveri
  3. Krishna Raja Sagar Dam 
    • This is a crucial dam determining flow to Mettur Dam in TN in the Cauvery water dispute
    • Brindavan Garden is attached to this dam - Botanical Park
  4. Srirangapatnam
    • Cauvery river forms island city called Srirangapatnam, because of its splitting and afterwards it joins again
    • It was capital city of Tipu Sultan 
    • Nearby is Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary 
    • Bangara Doddi Nala is an aqueduct constructed in 17th Century by Ruler of Mysore
  5. Desert of Talakad in Karnataka - Desert like city in Cauvery Basin 
  6. Sivasamudram Falls 
    • Second biggest waterfall in India
    • This waterfall was the first in India to be harnessed into electrical power in 1902 by British as they needed electricity for Kolar gold field which is 100 miles away. 
  7. -----------------Tamilnadu State ------------- 
  8. Hoggenakkal Waterfalls 
    • This water fall is in Melagiri Hills
    • Here Chinnar River meets Cauvery River
    • This was erstwhile Verappan Dacoit's territory
  9. Stanley Reservoir
    • Largest fishing reservoir in South India
    • This reservoir is created by Mettur Dam 
  10. Mettur Dam 
    • In news recently due to CWD, as it did not receive much water during lean season due to dams in Karnataka.
  11. Thanjavur
    • Ruled by Cholas, Nayaks and Marathas
    • Its called the "Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu" due to rich alluvial deposits of Cauvery river.
  12. Poompuhar
    • Cauvery/Kaveri river meets Bay of Bengal here.
Google Map for easy reference of locations mentioned above:
(Please check the link above to know where each of them lie on the map)

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