Monday, June 17, 2013

Globalisation - Second Renaissance?

Someone in other online forum asked a question - "Can globalization be termed as 'The Second Renaissance'?"

My answer:

Sorry for the tabular format, but I am yet to learn answer writing for mains. 

Yes, globalisation can be termed as second renaissance. 

Please feel free to criticize the answer and provide your valuable feedback. 


  1. There seem lots of inconsistencies while comparing Renaissance and Globalization. First, as you pointed out focus of Renaissance was man and his world rather that divinity and other world. Globalization is not about focus on man as such but about interdependence of nations and more focus on brands, consumer products and market.

    I would rather compare Globalization with 2nd Industrialization. They seem to have lot common like Good Production vs Info production, Working class vs. Consumer class and problem of working class vs problem of consumers and indigenous people.

  2. Thanks Yashpal for pointing that out. Actually the crux of the argument about globalisation and renaissance is on flow of ideas, capital and people !! I just tried to elaborate this arguments into different points.

  3. I find Globalization closer to "New Localism" concept rather than Renaissance. Globalization, as defined in your case - influence of one existing culture on another existing culture sounds different than renaissance i.e. moving to a completely new set of ideas, scientific revolution and enlightenment.

    But again, this could be perceived in different ways and the my opinion could be contradicted.

    Thanks for the post, as always !!


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