Friday, August 2, 2013

Some documents for Paper - General Studies Paper-IV (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude)

General Studies Paper-IV (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude) - 250 Marks 

There has been lot of confusion about this new paper introduced from CSM 2013. No one really knows what UPSC will ask for this paper, though the notification for exams says that case study might be used to ask questions.

So in this uncertainty, all we can do is collect materials on the topics and prepare for the exam. In this endeavour, I have been able to get some documents, which I thought of sharing with the wider public for their benefit. 

I hope it adds value to your preparation for this paper. 

Link to the DoPT document on "Values in Administration", "Combating Corruption" and "Reforms in Administration" here: 

Other generic documents - 

DoPT conducts training on Ethics and values in Public Governance for its civil servants, 
See one such circular on Ethics training here: 
I picked up from  here and interacted with officials (over email) from training institutes of DoPT, to get access to the documents, which they say are confidential (for reasons not digestible to me). I have written to their decision making body and spoke to one of its member this morning[2nd Aug'13](over phone) on the need to share these documents for larger benefits to aspirants and student community. He seemed to be convinced by me and has assured me of all help and said decision to share this document will be taken soon. 

Link to the list of articles and documents which I am trying to get access is listed below (these are not document, but list of documents which DoPT uses to train its IAS officers on "Ethics and values in Public Governance")


I shall keep you all informed as soon as I hear from them.  

I wish you all the very best for the Mains exams in December 2013. 

Disclaimer: The documents listed/uploaded above are NOT exhaustive and DO NOT represent entire syllabus for this paper. Readers are hereby advised to use their discretion in referring to these document in their preparation for this paper. Please see the syllabus for this paper here