Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Week That Wasn't - Week 3

Week That Wasn't - Week 3 (14/2 to 19/2)

15th Lok Sabha was adjourned sine die, and a ‘technical’ glitch was alleged ‘tactical’,
Telangana bill created a state, but discussion on other bills became impractical. 

Ram teri Ganga maili, resistant superbug dhotey dhotey,
Street vendor bill paas hui, ab nirbhay beechein saaman sastey. 

Defence of India is armed forces’ tension,
One rank, post retirement, will now get one pension.

Ukraine was tensed after it snubbed EU under Russian pressure,
Obama met Dalai lama and called it ‘private’ for Chinese pleasure.

Amma ne bechi sasti idli, aur kiya ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’,
United Bank ke gandi balance sheet ko RBI ne kaha karo saaf.

Chidambaram laid the interim budget, but was no close to UPA’s swan song,
Supreme Court while commuting death sentence, displayed a sense of right and wrong.

Whatsapp wrote a Facebook status update at cost of $19 billion,
McDonalds opened its first store in Vietnam and got a positive world opinion.

Rahul dhoodh se bani Modi chai,
Dikhave pe na jai, aur apni akal lagai.

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