Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Week That Wasn't – Week 7

The Week That Wasn't – Week 7 (15/3 to 21/3)

MoEF u-turns and allows field trials of GM crops,
Thanks to Google DNS, Erdogan’s twitter ban, flops.

New Companies Act made Suzuki go for minority stakeholders nod,
Maxwell’s Henderson leak, stressed Nehru’s ‘forward policy’ was flawed.

RBI still woos WPI though its heart lies with CPI,
‘Inflation targeting’ still not on cards, Urijit Patel thinks, why?

US decides to abdicate ‘internet governance’, for a multi-stakeholder model,
China to liberalize its hukou system and pursue urbanization with full throttle.  

BICEP's wave detection confirms inflation and bolsters Einstein's Theory of Relativity,
Linking quantum theory, it helps explain, how universe grew from small to big, divinely.  

US imposes 'toothless' sanctions, while Europe is confused about Russia,
Putin cites Kosovo's breakaway example to hit back at US and annex Crimea. 

Speedy trail and 376D, will deter and set right precedent,
“With Malice Towards One and All”, departed, Sardar Khuswant !

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