Friday, February 28, 2014

The Week That Wasn't - Week 4

The Week That Wasn't - Week 4 ( 20/2 to 27/2)
Modi lahar/Aandhi ko padhi Paswaan jaise sthaniya ‘Bawandar’ ki jaroorat,
India Post ke savings bank ATM ne samjhi logo ki sahuliyaat. 

Chinese media reviled outgoing US Ambassador as “Yellow Skin with White Heart”
Ordinance route to fighting corruption had self-serving intentions, right from start. 

SC transferred euthanasia issue to constitutional bench, to make its judgements consistent,
Despite CERC ruling, power populism will ensure, financial mess of discoms, persistent.

“Vinaash kaale, vipreet buddhi”, ko kiya Sahara-ke-Roy ne saakar,
Italians par ‘Anti-Piracy’ na thop kar, pragmatic rahi Bharat Sarkar.

Crimea-eyeing Putin may not have lit the match in Ukraine, but he did assemble the pyre,
World Bank by postponing loan to anti-gay Uganda, said consequences may be dire.

G20 Sydney stressed growth over austerity and international monetary co-operation
India is now world's largest producer of major fruits, thanks to its horticulture mission.

Don’t ban opinion polls, but make it more transparent,
Though France is striving hard, but 'Central African Republic' split looks apparent.

Govt’s CCS was rendered impotent(oops!) when another ‘Sindhu’ met mishap,
Someone reminded us his existence and threatened to crush ‘Sushil’-media like ‘khap’.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Week That Wasn't - Week 3

Week That Wasn't - Week 3 (14/2 to 19/2)

15th Lok Sabha was adjourned sine die, and a ‘technical’ glitch was alleged ‘tactical’,
Telangana bill created a state, but discussion on other bills became impractical. 

Ram teri Ganga maili, resistant superbug dhotey dhotey,
Street vendor bill paas hui, ab nirbhay beechein saaman sastey. 

Defence of India is armed forces’ tension,
One rank, post retirement, will now get one pension.

Ukraine was tensed after it snubbed EU under Russian pressure,
Obama met Dalai lama and called it ‘private’ for Chinese pleasure.

Amma ne bechi sasti idli, aur kiya ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’,
United Bank ke gandi balance sheet ko RBI ne kaha karo saaf.

Chidambaram laid the interim budget, but was no close to UPA’s swan song,
Supreme Court while commuting death sentence, displayed a sense of right and wrong.

Whatsapp wrote a Facebook status update at cost of $19 billion,
McDonalds opened its first store in Vietnam and got a positive world opinion.

Rahul dhoodh se bani Modi chai,
Dikhave pe na jai, aur apni akal lagai.

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Week That Wasn't - Week 2

The Week That Wasn't - Week 2 (6/2 to 13/2)

Kejri-diwal gir gayi, Jan-lokpal  ke khatir,
IPL sattebaj aur 'cricket enthusiast' Meiyappan samjhe, apne aap ko shatir !

Doniger’s “Hindus” must be protected and section 295A IPC should be amended,
Thank god, we’re back under Olympic fold, after sense prevailed and IOC acceded.

“Chai-pe-charcha” sarey-aam hui, magar desh ne maangi paani,
Mirchi-spray rajneeti ke baad, janta thaan le, saansadoin ko ab sabak sikhani.

Khare laid interim rail budget and corrected Mamta’s fudged profit figure,
KG basin gas price revision under Reliance’s pressure, is the popular conjecture.

Bharat sarkar ne diye iss saal se, civil sewa pareeksha mein, do aur maukey
Priyanka ne kaha Gundoin ko “Sholon ko na tu samajh tarey”.

Another Koirala at the Nepalese helm, while Powell became Modi’s valentine,
IPL auctions sold 154 players with Yuvraj taking maximum shine.  

Kyunki Kejriwal bhi kabhi CM tha, #AAP ko hai, yeh baat batani,

Ab khatam karo TV sound bytes dena aur seekho kaise sarkar chalani.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Week That Wasn't - Week 1

The Week That Wasn't - Week 1 (31/1 to 6/2)

Rao-dulkar ko milli, Bharat ki samman sabse unnchi,
Winter Olympics was declared open by Pu[ssyriot]tin in Sochi.

Nirdosh Nido Tania ko humari shraddhanjali,
Lets stop stereotyping NE Indians with Chowmein & Chicken Chilli.

Last session of 15th Lok Sabha, phir se hui nakaam,
RSS feed was recently's subscribed by magazine "The Caravan".

Telangana issue ne kar diya hai politicians ko hathella
Microsoft has played safe and named its CEO as Nadella.

Aazam khan ne khoyi apni 'Buffallo'
Anushkha Sharma was caught saying someone in Auckland, "you're my b*kch**d fellow"

Kejriwal ne kaha Najeeb ko, ab shuru hogi humari jung,
Seeing FIR in CWG Scam, air might have stopped going into Shiela's lung(s)!

Modi spoke like a Bhadralok in Kolkata, but was full of masala,
Though I'm surprised, "uni ki kore janlen Bangla" !!

Going forward, Ms Kaif will be saying she's worth it,
Who knows if 'Hasee Toh Phasee' will be a hit ?